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About Bekah's Shop

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           Welcome to Bekah’s Shop! My name is Rebekah Warda, owner of Bekah’s Shop. I have a passion for unique, casual, comfortable styles and high quality clothing. I want my clothing to express who I am! Also, I want to love what I wear, be comfortable at work or play and feel confident! I thought if I feel this way, maybe other women do too. So, I decided it might be fun if I was going to invest the time and effort into finding those perfect pieces for my closet, why not create my own shop and share them with all of you!
          I promise that every piece you see in my shop is selected by me personally. I will only offer items that are high quality, comfortable, and cute! And I will never sell something that I wouldn’t wear myself.
         Finally, great customer service is something I believe very strongly about providing to my customers. I have over a decade of experience in customer service. That experience taught me not only how important it is to you, my potential customer, but how vital it is for any business to succeed. Therefore, Bekah’s Shop policies are clearly stated; shipping orders will be handled expeditiously; and questions or concerns will receive top priority. I want YOU to be my customer and I will work hard to make sure you are satisfied.
         So please, if there is anything I can help you with, let me know! Be a satisfied a Bekah’s Shop customer!